CanDo, Soft and Pliable Medicine Ball, 5" Diameter

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The CanDo Soft and Pliable Medicine Balls are ideal for physical therapy, upper body rehabilitation, and fitness exercises. Thrown back and forth with a partner or used with a rebounder, these balls offer multiple benefits. These weighted balls work to assist users in improving agility, range-of-motion and upper body fitness. They have a soft, flexible rubber  exterior shell and an easy-to-grip rubber surface. Their textured tactile surface makes them easy to grasp and catch. Terrific for athletes, these balls are an excellent tool to loosen and strengthen shoulders. These balls help define "personalized workout" as each training session is customized to the user who chooses what ball to use and how to use it. Options include using it solo, with a partner, with a rebounder, and so on. All personal and custom choices for the user. This Yellow ball has a 5" diameter and weighs 2 lbs. Medicine balls are a fun way to improve conditioning, hand-eye coordination and lateral movements. Increasing or decreasing the air in the ball makes the ball easier or harder to grasp. These balls are the perfect addition to any athletic training regimen. Throwing and catching improves reflexes, coordination, conditioning and speed. Convenient and safe, easy to clean and easy to store. These balls are ideal for home as well as all multi-user environments such as gyms and clinics. Balls are constructed of dry, natural rubber.

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