NOI Mirror Box Triangle

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Mirrors may be used for a variety of pain and disability states especially involving the hands and feet. In particular, mirror therapy may be appropriate for problems such as complex regional pain syndrome, phantom limb pain, stroke and focal dystonia. Many people gain pain relief and better movement by using a mirror. 

For clinical use or as an in-home tool, the NOI Mirror Box Triangle is designed to treat pain and disability in the hands or feet. It’s also helpful with very common issues like arthritis in the thumb and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Mirror therapy works to exercise the brain synapses and is an integral part of Graded Motor Imagery. By placing the impaired hand behind the mirror and placing the healthy hand in front of the mirror, one can trick their brain into believing the reflection of the healthy hand is actually the impaired hand. The user can then exercise the impaired hand, in the brain, by performing movements with the healthy hand.
The NOI Mirror Box is advised for use under clinical guidance, only. Use it within the guidelines of the GMI process as explained in The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook by Dr. David Butler, Dr. G. Lorimer Moseley, Timothy Beames and Thomas Giles.
The NOI Mirror Box is collapsible, for easy transport, and measures 11¾” W x 11” D x 12½” H.  

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